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Basement waterproofing is an important issue for property owners. 90% of the owners of underground premises in the process of operation are faced with the problem of flooding by groundwater. The basement in the garage is characterized by low temperature and humidity. To use a room like a basement, it is necessary not only to re-equip the basement but also to protect it from moisture. Without a waterproofing device, water will penetrate inside with an almost 100% probability. Let’s know in brief about the Foundation Basement company is one of the best basement waterproofing services in Kent, WA.

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA

Why is Basement Waterproofing Important?

Whether it is necessary to waterproof the wet basement depends on many factors. The need for this stage is influenced by the specificity of the soil and the level of groundwater on the land plot, the peculiarities of the climate of the construction region, the quality of materials and work, and the type of wet basement.

In other cases, waterproofing is important for each structure, including columnar and tape, pile and screw, slab foundation. Waterproofing work must be carried out for a house with a wet basement and basement floor. The reasons for basement waterproofing services are below…

  • Strengthens the structure and increases the service life;
  • Prevents distortion of the walls of the base and the house, the appearance of cracks;
  • It is necessary for strengthening and finishing the basement or repair basement, thereby increasing the usable area of ​​the house;
  • Prevents smudges on the walls and flooding of basements, mold growth (which, with constant dampness, appears in just 1-2 days!);
  • Simplifies the maintenance of the foundation, since it does not require frequent staining, sealing cracks, etc.;
  • Protects the base from the negative effects of wind, precipitation, moisture from the soil.

It is especially important to strengthen and process the foundation with a high level of groundwater. High humidity and abundance of water in the soil is a serious problem for every land plot. In this case, you will have to not only do waterproofing but also equip reliable drainage or drain the land in another way.

Do professional basement waterproofing is worthy?

Many people know about the methods of waterproofing, but not everyone can work like professionals. Hence, warranty work, complaints, disputes, proceedings, mistrust follow. So, see below why hiring a professional basement waterproofing company is worthy.

Clean And Stressfree Work

Hiring once a team that has never done injection waterproofing or applied a penetrating compound means signing a verdict to oneself for permanent problems with flooding. All modern materials do not work without strict adherence to the instructions. People who do not know these instructions and have not been trained will not be able to make waterproofing with high quality.

Guaranteed Work By Experts

By ordering waterproofing from the inside from a professional company, you can really forget about the problem. The professional team consists of qualified engineers and workers who have been trained by the material manufacturer Penetron and have been using the technology at facilities for many years. They select an algorithm of work depending on the type of task, strictly observe the dosage and bear a warranty.

Long-Lasting Work

The professional team made waterproofing of varying complexity for 30,000 square meters of concrete. Over the past 5 years, we have received only 1% of requests for lifetime warranty repairs. In the absence of deformations and technological damage, the service life of the Penetron technologist is 50 years.

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA

Why hire us for a professional basement waterproofing company?

Internal waterproofing of the basement of a house is an important and necessary work that can be done at any stage of building a house and even when it is already in use. A damp basement is a threat to the safety of the entire structure of the house, therefore, the problem must be solved today, without waiting for serious consequences. Here know why we are the best basement waterproofing in kent.

We Do Quality And With A Guarantee

Do you need reliable elimination of problems with waterproofing or its competent design? Don’t look for other artists! We use only high-quality and proven materials, entrusting their use to certified personnel. This allows us to work with a guarantee: if something goes wrong, we will fix it at our own expense.

Focused On Long-Term Cooperation

We do not just coat the base with bitumen to create visibility, but we individually approach the customer and control each stage to ensure the impeccable quality of waterproofing works. We value our reputation, which is the result of protecting thousands of square meters of various surfaces.

Qualified Team

Each employee has undergone special compulsory training for a deep understanding of our industry. The presence of qualified workers on every project is important because if something goes wrong during the device process, it is much more likely due to improper use of materials than due to their defects.

Careful Work Planning

Our insulation systems are perfectly designed and all important details are thought out to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Experienced managers will accurately calculate the cost of the work and announce the time frame, after which everything will be completed. We guarantee that at every stage, your work will go according to plan.

Reliable Suppliers Of Materials

We have everything you need for your project, so the start of work will be organized as soon as possible. In addition, there is an opportunity to discuss discounts that other companies will not be able to give.

Reliable Employees

Each member of each assembly team is well trained, dedicated, and accountable to stringent quality and performance requirements. Our full-time staff members are attentive and meticulous. You can count on them to arrive on time and perform at a consistently high level.

How Do We work?

Internal waterproofing of basements and walls is a complex application of individually selected technology and a set of unique materials against the penetration of water and aggressive solutions, waterproofing from groundwater, while all work is carried out from inside the premises, without excavation. Our company provides detailed advice on the work, and we are also ready to promptly provide such a service as waterproofing the basement from the inside at an affordable price. See below how we work.

Step 1

We pump out water from the basement. We dump the water along with the relief, preferably into the ditch behind the fence, so as not to flood the neighbors. In the process of pumping out, we determine the lower point, we carry out the depth there with a jackhammer – a pit up to 5 cm deep, rearrange the pump in this place and pump out the remaining water.

Step 2

We carefully inspect the walls and floor of the basement, inspect, determine the places of active water leaks. It is appropriate to say here that there are such basements where there is no concrete floor, no concrete base, or a sufficiently strong screed made of cement-sand mortar.

It is recommended to make a cement-sand screed with a thickness of at least 120-150 mm with reinforcement and, at the same time, the reinforcement must be firmly anchored with the walls of the structure.

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA

Step 3

The identified areas of active leaks, as a rule, are defects in the walls and wall/floor junctions. We cut them with an electric jackhammer, prepare cavities in-depth with an expansion, a reverse funnel. And we fill them with a pre-prepared solution from a water-stopping material. This material quickly sets even under the pressure of water and instantly stops the flow of water into the basement.

Step 4

Then we clean the walls of the basement and the floor, i.e. We clean the concrete surface with metal brushes, or with a grinder with an appropriate nozzle, from dirt, plaque, or existing, previously applied paint/whitewash, all the way down to the bare concrete surface. In this case, it is very convenient to use a weak solution of a certain acid and perform the so-called chemical milling. This reduces the complexity of the process.

After that, it is imperative to wash off the remaining formations of salt and dirt with water under pressure with a thin stream. At the same time, we moisten the concrete along with its depth. Then collect excess water from the floor. As a rule, we do this with a sponge.

Step 5

Next, we seal all other possible places through which water can presumably penetrate into the basement. And this is a must, the places of the junction are floor/wall and possibly vertical seams if there were different pouring of concrete during the construction. Here, these places, we embroider, also with a jackhammer, in the form of a puncture with dimensions of 25 by 25 mm.

We clean this scrub from dust, moisten and apply one layer of penetrating the material. After that, as it dries up, we take a special suture material, prepare it in the correct proportion to a plastic-like consistency and seal all prepared grooves with it, pressing it into rubber gloves with our hands and restoring the geometry of the walls.

I draw your attention to the fact that the materials have a short life period, after 15-20 minutes it begins to harden, and therefore it is imperative to knead/prepare the amount of material that during this time you will have time to close/add to the strata. After 2 hours, it fully gains hardness and density, with characteristics exceeding those of standard concrete.

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA

Step 6

Let’s get down to the main part of the work. We process the walls of the basement and the floor. I repeat the concrete surface should be. clean and moistened, the material of penetrating action “Penetron” is taken, it is sealed with water as in the instructions, if by volume, then 2 parts of dry material are mixed with one part of water and thoroughly mixed for at least 5 minutes.

At the same time, the solution heats up) immediately, apply it with a brush with synthetic bristles (mattress) on the concrete surface in 1 layer. After 2 hours, but no later than 6 hours, repeat the operation, apply 2 layers. Consumption of penetrating material is usually on average 0.8 -1 kg per 1 square meter, taking into account two layers. Finally, it is very important to wet the concrete surface treated with Penetron for 3 days, 2 times a day. 

We offer various kinds of waterproofing services. The waterproofing services we provide for complete waterproofing are…

Outdoor Waterproofing

For maximum protection against the ingress of soil moisture into the basement, complex waterproofing is needed, which includes both external and internal work. An external moisture barrier is best installed during the construction phase of the basement.

Drainage Work

The operation of drainage and drainage systems, which are not directly related to waterproofing, also affects protection against flooding. A correctly mounted gutter allows you to divert most of the precipitation from the foundation, and therefore from its basement. 

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA

Anti-pressure Waterproofing

Anti-pressure Waterproofing is protection against groundwater, then slurry compositions can be applied to the surface.

Internal Waterproofing Of Walls

The choice and technology of their use for external and internal work are significantly different. Basement waterproofing from the inside is carried out in any case. Then the problem will have to be solved due to the internal processing of the walls.


Rolls with waterproofing impregnation (roofing felt and analogs), films, and membranes.


Polymerizing compositions based on bitumen and polymers.


Liquid products containing either cement or polymer complexes.


Basement waterproofing works are one of the specialties of the Foundation Basement company. The Foundation Basement company offers a range of services for carrying out such works as waterproofing the basement from water from the inside and outside. Therefore, the insulation of the basement from groundwater, ordered from us, will be as reliable and high-quality that makes this company the best basement waterproofing company in Kent.

Basement Waterproofing Kent WA


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What is the guaranteed service life of the resulting coatings?

Penetron materials are penetrating materials, they do not create coatings with special service life. Materials become an integral part of the concrete structure itself, therefore the term and conditions of their operation fully coincide with the requirements for the operation of concrete structures.

How To Care For the surface treated with Penetron?

Within 3 days after treatment, it is necessary to protect the surface from mechanical stress and the influence of negative temperatures. You also need to ensure that during this time the surface remains wet (water spray is used or concrete is covered with a damp rough cloth or plastic wrap).

The waterproofing contains chemical additives. Do they release overtime during operation under the influence of high temperatures?

No harmful substances are released, the materials are certified for use even in tanks with drinking water (which may be more indicative).

What primer should be used before applying “Penetron” to the surface of the reinforced concrete floor slab?

If the surface does not have significant damage (in this case, a repair compound is used), then there is no need to use a primer when applying Penetron. A solution of Penetron material is applied directly to a cleaned and moistened concrete surface.

Can Penetron be used on a plastered brick wall affected by fungus and how?

Penetron materials are applicable for cement-sand plaster and a layer thickness of at least 40 mm. The presence of the fungus is not the reason why Penetron cannot be used.

What is the concrete surface preparation (cleaning method)?

Cleaning is carried out using a high-pressure water jet or mechanically (for example, with a metal bristle brush).

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

The cost of basement waterproofing starts from $3,000-$7,000. Most of the work costs approximately $5,500 for an inside waterproofing and sump pump for 1,000/sq. ft.