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Waterproofing is a special construction procedure, the main task of which is to protect buildings, premises, structures from the penetration of water and moisture. It can be of different types, but the most important is the insulation of the foundation, walls, and basement. In any construction, the most important stage in the construction of the base of the building – it is like the root of trees, that very important part, which can hardly be dispensed with. So, here let’s know about how waterproofing is important for the basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

Why Basement Waterproofing Is Important?

Modern basements in a private house are no longer associated with gloomy dungeons or damp cold cellars in Kirkland WA. Using every millimeter of usable area, the owners often equip laundries, workshops, gyms, etc. in the basement. To feel comfortable in such a room, you need to protect it from moisture and heat loss.

Melted water and groundwater are the reasons why the life of the foundation and the residential building as a whole is reduced several times. From time immemorial, this has been fought by any means. A lot of experience has been accumulated. But until now, the owners of private houses in Kirkland WA are concerned about such a question as to the waterproofing of the basement.

  • In order for basement waterproofing to fully fulfill its responsible protection mission, it is necessary to choose the right method, carefully follow the technology and use the right materials.
  • In this area, the groundwater level (GWL) is high and there is a periodic (seasonal) flooding of the basement;
  • Due to mistakes made during construction, condensation forms on the walls of the basement;
  • A leak or high humidity in the basement can cause material damage to the owner in the form of crops that have died from mold and mildew. Also, a threat to human health and the condition of the house becomes likely.

Do Professional Basement Waterproofing Is Worthy?

Water damage is rampant in homes, caused by burst pipes, rain, plumbing problems, faucets, and more. If your basement has cracks, the water can drip and damage it. Also, moisture can build up due to reduced heating or cooling. Almost more than 80 percent of homes have suffered water damage in their basements. Basement waterproofing is crucial, especially if your basement is prone to flooding, which can cause damage to your home and mold growth. So, see here why you should consider hiring a waterproof company.

Cleans Perfectly

If you are considering installing new flooring then you will be using stone flooring. Why? Because it will need little administration, and cleaning will be more comfortable. The waterproofing company will cover it with the floors. They will provide beautiful stones for your floors and therefore cleaning will be smooth and enjoyable.

Makes The Foundation Strong

Waterproofing your basement will make it more durable and will not allow mold growth. You don’t want your basement to become the storage for old and worn newspapers, unused items like cabinets and tables. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, your basement can be used for a long time.

Prevents Basement Flooding

Waterproofing companies can help you with methods like installing a sump pump, drainage system, and repairing cracks in your basement, they are very effective tactics to prevent damage to your basement due to flooding.

Cleans Mold Or Mildew

Mold or mildew growth in a basement is always caused by high humidity or excess water seeping through. Mold doesn’t just cause basement damage, it also causes health complications like respiratory problems, allergies, or even infections. You should always be aware of mold if it starts to appear and get rid of it. Hiring the services of a waterproof company will help you prevent mold growth.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

Protect The Basement Floor

Several basements are constructed of concrete and, in most cases, are 2-4 inches thick. Thin floors are always prone to pressure from excess water sticking out of the ground, causing cracks. If this happens, your basement is at risk of serious damage. Therefore, you need to waterproof your basement using the services of Smart Foundation Systems.

Fix All Cracks And Holes

If leaks or cracks are occurring inside your basement, it is more likely that water and moisture are entering through small holes and cracks. Cracks or holes can be the result of many things. A lack of professional skill during original construction may make itself apparent in cracks or holes. Water pressure from outside may be building, forcing water up the walls. The house may have settled in, causing cracks in the floor or walls. Fixing all small cracks and holes will help prevent leaks and flooding.

Prevents Structure

The best waterproofing methods will prevent excess water from flowing and causing severe damage to your basement. You can avoid problems that can cause serious damage, unnecessary costly costs, and unhealthy conditions by using the services of Smart Foundation Systems or another experienced waterproofing contractor. Contacting a waterproofing contractor is the best solution because the professionals will help you remove excess water, cleanliness, and waterproofing to prevent another disaster from happening.

Gives Sump Pump Protection

Another important part of waterproofing your basement is installing a sump pump. Even if it helps, you can’t rely on it solely to prevent excess water from entering your basement. Sump pumps have been known to stop working if there is no power. So if there is no power, always expect the water to flow into your basement. Using other waterproofing procedures will ensure that your basement is protected.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

Why Hire Us For A Professional Basement Waterproofing?

To order services related to waterproofing, it is best to contact a company that does not deal with a specific one or two types of insulation, but that deals with waterproofing in general and when choosing materials and insulation method proceeds from what is necessary to get rid of leaks or solve a problem, but not from one thing that they can do. Our company waterproofs basement very efficiently and is the best and suitable for solving any problems.

High-Quality Waterproofing Works

We guarantee the high-quality performance of waterproofing works! Favorable price. As a category “A” dealer of manufacturers, we are ready to offer you waterproofing materials, the cost of which is on average 17% lower than the market average! And by ordering turnkey work in our company, you save up to 20% on the object!

Warranty Work

Our team employs only experienced specialists who have trained annually on the basis of training centers of waterproofing manufacturers. Only we give a guarantee for waterproofing works up to 5 years and for materials – up to 50 years!

Use Best Materials

Materials play a very important role in the construction of high-quality waterproofing – this point must be taken into account. For each individual case, its own waterproofing method and its own material are suitable. We offer only the best waterproofing materials produced by leading companies in the USA. Guaranteed certified moisture protection for any task!

Insured Work

Despite the fact that the prices for waterproofing works of foundations, roofs and any other structures are among the lowest in Kirkland WA, we offer our clients an additional bonus with work insurance.

Reliable Work

Our team will carry out waterproofing works in Kirkland WA and the region of any complexity in the shortest possible time. You do not need to worry about where to buy waterproofing cheaper, how to deliver it to the site, and where to find workers. Turnkey waterproofing works will save you from such worries!

Specialists Workers

High-quality waterproofing work is an important condition for creating a reliable and durable building. In order not to waste your money, entrust the work to specialists!

Reviews And Recommendations

Waterproofing is a very responsible and important job that requires experience, knowledge, and qualifications. With poor waterproofing of the foundation, basement you may be faced with the fact that in a year there will be leaks in your room, which will lead to damage to finishing materials, property, and large monetary costs associated with dismantling the old waterproofing, the subsequent pie and possible excavation building, foundation or basement. Our company has good reviews by our clients and they also recommend us.


Our service is affordable in Kirkland WA. All prices are indicated without taking into account the complexity of the work and other nuances that affect the price. To obtain an accurate calculation, you must invite our specialist to the worksite to examine it or contact our estimate department.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

How Do We Work?

Houses with basements must have a waterproof blind area. Its edges will be able to reduce the inflow of surface water to the walls of the basement. Most often, the isolation procedure is carried out according to concrete preparation. Basement protection is carried out by applying rolled bitumen material. The principle of the application is the same as in the case of strip foundation insulation.

It should be emphasized that for each object, the employees of our company create a special project of waterproofing work, which takes into account the specifics of the procedure, including the material of the base surface, the specifics of the soil, the level of moisture and other factors. Nevertheless, the following stages can be formally identified:

1. Preparation Of The Wall Surface

At this stage, the surface is completely cleaned and dried. In this case, in the case of penetrating waterproofing of the basement from the inside from groundwater, additional processing of microcracks with special compounds can be carried out.

2. Mixing The Composition

For coating waterproofing, Domotop 2000 is used, while the penetrating method is carried out with Domotop DS mortar. In the first case, the two components of the material are mixed, and in the second, the contents of the bag are stirred with water, the amount of which is 5-6 liters.

3. Application Of The Finished Mortar

In both cases (recall that there is a separate instruction for the injection method), the solution is applied to the base in two layers – vertical and horizontal. This method eliminates the possibility of rough spots on the surface.

4. Completion Of Work

After the end of the waterproofing of the basement from the inside, excess material is removed from the surface, as well as thorough washing of tools. It is recommended to carry out it immediately after the end of use, as the hardened solution will be much more difficult to wash off.

The technical characteristics of waterproofing and precautions during operation can be found on the pages of the material catalog. You can order our basement waterproofing services using the contact information at the top of the site.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

Services We Offer In Kirkland WA

All calculations and works on waterproofing the foundation and basement should be carried out by specialists, therefore, we recommend that you contact the Foundation Basement company, which has extensive experience and has qualified specialists in its staff. Our employees will analyze your foundation, basement, brickwork and offer you the most effective waterproofing method. The services offered by us are…

Basement Outdoor Waterproofing

Outdoor work is carried out at the initial stage of construction. It is extremely difficult to carry out full-fledged external waterproofing in a finished building. In addition, it will require a large investment of both time and resources. You will have to dig out the underground part, apply several waterproofing layers, if you need to support the wall with a clay lock (clay laid close to the outer wall of the basement to avoid its contact with groundwater), check the water resistance, and bury it again.

External Waterproofing

External waterproofing is of several types. The most common are coating and pasting. For coating waterproofing, bituminous mastics are used, as well as materials based on synthetic resins and polymers. For pasting – roll materials.

Internal Waterproofing Of Basement

For internal waterproofing, penetrating compounds are most often used, which are preferable to be applied to fresh concrete. Experts unanimously call them the ideal option for internal moisture protection. Penetrating waterproofing contains active chemical agents that interact with water and grow like crystals. These neoplasms clog capillaries, pores and microcracks, providing concrete waterproofing 50-60 cm deep. Basement walls treated with such compounds can withstand water pressure up to 13 kg / cm² without any problems. They are not afraid of any mechanical damage. Chips and scratches do not affect the waterproofing of walls treated with penetrating compounds.

Basement Insulation

The underground part of the house accounts for a fifth of the total heat loss. Lack of basement insulation will lead to significant heat loss throughout the house. Insulation will protect the walls of the basement from freezing, prevent the appearance of dampness and the development of mold. Theoretically, the basement can be insulated outside and inside, but continuous external thermal insulation around the perimeter is more effective. Internal comfort is recommended only if external comfort is not possible.

The outer layer of insulation not only performs a heat-insulating function but also protects the waterproofing from mechanical and thermal damage. When insulating from the inside, water vapor penetrating through it will turn into moisture at the junction with the wall, and this is fraught with moisture accumulation, smudges on the finishing coatings, and an unpleasant odor in the room. Moreover, the shortcomings of internal insulation will not appear immediately, but over time.

Floor Insulation

Under no circumstances should the floor on the ground and the overlap over an unheated basement be left without thermal insulation. Insulation for the floor must have high compressive strength because it has a large load, as well as durability and minimal moisture absorption. For floor insulation, foam, extruded polystyrene foam is used, less often – mineral wool insulation (their water absorption is higher than that of expanded polystyrene), various bulk insulation materials.

The floor in the basement is arranged in different ways. First, prepare the base. A crushed stone or brick fight is rammed into dry pounds. For wet pounds, use a waterproofing layer of greasy clay or crushed stone soaked in bitumen. The base is covered with monolithic concrete or reinforced concrete. As for the flooring, they can be anything.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA

Waterproofing Of Basement Walls

On the vertical surfaces of the basement, it is important to undertake the waterproofing work from two fronts. On the one hand, an insulating membrane must be placed under the partitions to prevent the moisture from the floor from penetrating the walls.

In addition, in the rest of the walls, it is necessary to use cementitious mortars in the event that the waterproofing is carried out from the inside or with a drainage system if it is possible to do it from the outside. In the latter case, the process is more cumbersome, since it is usually necessary to excavate the earth to install the solution.

Basement Floor Waterproofing

When the pavement rests on the ground, the insulation prevents moisture from seeping into the basement. In the case of new constructions, before laying the pavement it is advisable to install a waterproofing sheet that acts underneath.

If the only viable option is to waterproof above the ground, one of the most used alternatives is the injection of waterproof resins or having a system of polymers that resist water pressure.

Basement Roof Waterproofing

It is essential that the basement is kept watertight to minimize the risks caused by humidity or water. In this task, the ceiling of this space cannot be overlooked, where it is usually more common for leaks to occur.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl space cleaning is one of those fundamental exercises that mortgage holders don’t ponder until something turns out badly.

As opposed to other noticeable spaces of your home, a crawl space is normally darkened from your view. Regardless, a crawl space requires a similar consideration and care you provide for the remainder of your home.

Mortgage holders are uninformed of the issues that can happen in difficult-to-arrive crawl spaces that can prompt serious harm and unsafe ailments whenever left untreated.

An illustration of the crawl space peril is when raccoons, mice, rodents, and bats have settled in your crawl space. This prompts tainting of your home protection with dung, and pee. Without consideration, these impurities and vapor could spread all around your home and you and your friends and family could be in harm’s way.

At the point when a crawl space experiences debasement and, therefore, draws in bothers, these little intruders can likewise proceed to incur basic harms to your own things.

Our team provides service of cleaning of the crawl space in Kirkland WA and Seattle WA. Assignments like eliminating old protection, cleaning up flotsam and jetsam and spoiling materials, and clearing rat droppings are basic to a spotless crawl space.

Basement Waterproofing Kirkland WA


Every owner of a private house, garage, or suburban building equipped with a basement deals with the need to waterproof the walls of the basement from the inside. Materials for protecting the structure are different in purpose, features, and advantages. A well-chosen treatment of a basement-type room will protect against dampness, mold, and mildew. In a waterproofed building, not only a dry microclimate is valuable, bringing health to the inhabitants. An important effect will be the preservation of the bearing capacity of the foundation and, consequently, the durability of the building.


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What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is widely used in all new constructions since it is a very necessary element in construction, they are substances that stop water, preventing its passage, widely used in the coating of parts and objects that must be kept dry. They work by eliminating or reducing the porosity of the material, filling infiltrations, and isolating moisture from the environment.

How can you fix water leaks in your home?

If rainwater seepage occurs in your home, at Impernoroeste we help you request it by means of an effective waterproofing system. The correct application of waterproofing is essential to end these annoyances that, in the long term, can put at risk not only comfort but also the infrastructure of the property. When carrying out this kind of work, we carry out an assessment of the state of the house in order to detect water leaks for subsequent repair.

Does waterproofing prevent damp?

Of course, thanks to the application of a waterproofing product on the different surfaces, water seepage and, consequently, the appearance of humidity inside the house is avoided.

In the same way that we carry out the application of the waterproofing system, the professionals of our company are also responsible for repairing dampness in interior walls, thus managing to recover the perfect image of the property while enjoying an effective waterproofing system.

What guarantees do you have when waterproofing a basement?

The purpose of waterproofing the terrace, as well as the waterproofing of the basement and other surfaces such as facades, is to achieve effective protection against external weather factors, thus preventing the entry of water.

By protecting a layer of waterproofing, it is possible to create a membrane that prevents the passage of water from outside, keeping the property properly sealed. This will prevent the deterioration of the infrastructure and will keep the house in perfect condition.

Can waterproofing be applied to walls?

Yes. Thanks to the waterproofing used by our team, Polibreal, an efficient application can be carried out on all kinds of surfaces, including exterior walls.

How much does it cost to waterproof a basement floor?

The cost of basement waterproofing starts from $3,000-$7,000. Most of the work costs approximately $5,500 for an inside waterproofing and sump pump for 1,000/sq. ft.

Can you waterproof a basement from the inside?

 Internal waterproofing of the basement can be carried out at any time of the year, except for those seasonal periods when groundwater rises above the floor level and penetrates into the basement.

What is the best way to waterproof a basement?

The surest and most reliable solution is to engage in waterproofing even at the stage of building a house. External waterproofing is the most durable and strongest protection of a house from groundwater, moisture, and dampness.

But if this work was not completed during construction, or the waterproofing has fallen into disrepair, there are two options. The first is to free the foundation from the outside and rebuild the waterproofing layer.

External waterproofing of a basement in a private house, which has already been built and is in operation, is serious work, very difficult, costly, and not always possible due to the proximity of the house to other buildings.

Does basement waterproofing increase home value?

Waterproofing increases the value of your home, which is a huge plus. This system prevents unwanted moisture from producing mold. Mold can affect our health in a negative way. It also prevents water damage that can ruin the structural integrity of a home. Moisture causes metals to rust and wood to rot. An unhealthy situation and weak bases will affect the property’s value. Additionally, waterproofing systems can help create a basement and increase the square footage utility of the home. This also helps increase the value of your home on the market.