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Your sump pump is an important piece of household machinery as it protects your home from water damage, extensive flooding, and other plumbing disasters. Especially during the storm or heavy rainfall, and it suddenly stopped working, excess water might go into your basement and cause major sorts of damage or dangers. That’s why you need to have it repaired and maintained every year! And installing it will provide property owners with an array of benefits.


When Should You Consider Sump Pump Repair or Replacement?

Imagine the distress of seeing those luxurious electronics, nice furniture, and a newly installed carpet easily sweep up by a rain flood. This is why a professional sump pump service must be thoroughly considered, as it will not only protect your valuable belongings. It will also prevent diseases, secure your home structure, and boost the value of your property.

So, be mindful of these warning signs:

  • Power malfunction. Examples include a blown a fuse and unplugged machinery. A secondary pump may be ideal for promoting continuous function and, therefore, remove the worry of flooding your home.
  • Loud noises. It could be rattling, loud babbling, or any similar sound. A good repair is commonly suggested. But if you want to restore your sump pump’s complete operation, replacement is a better idea.
  • Contaminants and debris. A malfunctioning pumping station is not entirely about a cracked component. Sometimes, the contaminants and items inside the machine are what put it at risk. Check for grimy components and debris.
  • Long cycle operation. Is it operating nonstop? This is another common indicator of a faulty pump. It’s better to speak with a professional to analyze the situation and determine whether it needs repair or replacement.

Pumping stations have a life expectancy of 10 years. They require replacement every few years. In case any of these signs start to trigger, call an expert. They will conduct an initial inspection and do necessary action – to either replace or repair your old sump pump.


How Often to Maintain the Sump Pump?

The general timeline for checking and maintaining the sump pump is at least once every year. But since it is extremely prone to critical conditions, try to check it numerous times throughout the year. Ideally, during early spring and late winter.

A host of factors can affect how your machine works, such as wear and tear. When overlooked, it could lead to hefty damage and repair bills. Specialists usually schedule monthly or annual maintenance, depending on the location and usage.


Why is Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing the best?

When tackling sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance, it is best to leave the intricate job to the hands of professionals. We have a team of licensed, professional, and expert technicians that can assist with the job and bring customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait for further issues to arise. In case you notice a jammed float switch, loud sounds, or musty smell, the company is your go-to option for delivering prompt, efficient services in Tacoma, Kirkland, Everett, Lakewood, Edmonds, and surrounding areas. They have been offering preemptive maintenance and installing pumping stations for several years, so you can trust what they can offer.