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A basement is a room that a person uses for different purposes. The construction of such a room is a very responsible matter. Residents of high-rise buildings build basements in garages or summer cottages. The owners of private houses organize a basement under the house.

The service life of a structure or foundation of a house can be reduced several times due to the accumulation of moisture or groundwater. A great deal of experience has been accumulated over the centuries in dealing with moisture. How to maintain the basement waterproofing, and how to carry it out? Outdoor or indoor? What materials for waterproofing the basement to use? In this article, let’s know about the services in basement waterproofing Redmond WA.

Why is Basement Waterproofing Important In Redmond WA?

Ground and atmospheric waters, in contact with the foundation, gradually destroy it, which causes settlement of buildings, violation of the load characteristics of the foundation. In this case, it will be necessary to repair the waterproofing of the foundation, which is quite difficult and expensive to perform. It is easier to perform high-quality waterproofing of the foundation at the initial stage of construction.

Waterproofing is not needed in areas with minimal rainfall and low humidity, hot regions, with a low level of groundwater, and in dry areas.

In other cases, waterproofing is important for each structure, including columnar and tape, pile and screw, slab foundation. Waterproofing work must be carried out for a house with a basement and basement floor.

However, they are also needed for a building without a basement. Since waterproofing strengthens, increases the reliability and durability of the structure as a whole. Moreover, the procedure is carried out to strengthen the foundation of a large country cottage, a compact country house, a gazebo or a summer kitchen, a bathhouse, and even a fence.

Waterproofing performs a number of critical functions, including

  • Strengthens the structure and increases the service life;
  • Prevents distortion of the walls of the base and the house, the appearance of cracks;
  • It is necessary for strengthening and finishing the basement or basement, thereby increasing the usable area of ​​the house;
  • Prevents smudges on the walls and flooding of basements, mold (which, with constant dampness, appears in just 1-2 days!);
  • Simplifies the maintenance of the foundation, since it does not require frequent staining, sealing cracks, etc.
  • Protects the base from the negative effects of wind, precipitation, moisture from the soil.
Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

Sources Of Moisture In The Basement In Redmond WA

The water in the basement comes from the ground that surrounds the entire room. But its sources may be different:


Rain and meltwater, soaking into the ground, will sooner or later begin to seep into the thickness of the enclosing structures of the underground part of the garage. This will lead to an increase in the humidity in the room, and then to the flooding of the basement.

Capillary Moisture

Unlike liquid sediments that seep from above, capillary moisture seeps into the walls through microscopic pores. In the absence of anti-capillary waterproofing, the materials used for masonry walls and flooring in the basement quickly become saturated with moisture. This leads to an increase in air humidity and the appearance of condensation.


If the garage is built in an area with a high groundwater table, then there is a risk of flooding the basement. This is one of the most difficult situations. Protection against the ingress of groundwater into the basement requires an integrated approach: the installation of external and internal waterproofing. In some cases, it may be necessary to overhaul the site with the organization of drainage.

Do ProfessionalBasement Waterproofing Is Worthy In Redmond WA?

Waterproofing structures in this category are complicated by the fact that the surfaces of the basement are located above the ground and regularly come into contact with water, as a result of which capillary moisture is formed and the foundation is flooded.

The spraying of polyurea has no seams and joints, does not make the structure heavier, and withstands operational loads. The cost of the work and the materials used always pay off by preserving the key architectural elements.

There are many things that can negatively interfere with your home. One of them is, without a doubt, humidity. If you want to keep it at bay, you should invest in a professional waterproofing service. See here the advantages of properly maintaining home basements.

It is very important because the basement is the base of any home or building and it is essential to maintain the basement in the best possible way to avoid greater evils. So, see here why professional waterproofing is worthy.

Prevent Floods

Floods are never welcome to anyone. If you want to protect your basement and your residence in general from flood headaches, then our professional waterproofing service can definitely do the job for years to come. With our solutions, you can forget about humidity and water in your basement for a long time, don’t wait any longer, and contact us to discover our services.

Achieve A Much Stronger Foundation

A powerful foundation can be a wonderful thing for any residential structure. By taking the time and the right solutions to fully waterproof your basement, then you can pave the way for a foundation that is remarkably strong and reliable.

Simplify Cleaning Tasks

Basement waterproofing service can be of great help to people who simply want to make their cleaning duties that much easier. Basements equipped with concrete floors generally do not require much maintenance. On the other hand, those that are equipped with other types of floors usually require a lot of maintenance.

It also depends on the use that is given to the basement, for example, if it is in a building and it is used as a garage, it will not need as much maintenance as a basement of a house that takes advantage of it to have an entertainment room.

If you want to save yourself hours of time-consuming and frustrating basement cleaning and maintenance tasks, then waterproofing may be a great way to consider.

Healthy Living Area

Dirty, dark, and poorly ventilated basements can be very harmful to humans. If you really want to protect the well-being of the people who are part of your home, then you should take the step and hire a professional basement waterproofing service as soon as possible. Doing so can keep all kinds of problems like asthma and persistent allergies out of your thoughts and worries.

Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

Types Of Basement Waterproofing In Redmond WA

There are several types of basement waterproofing. To determine the required waterproofing, our engineer visits the site and selects the best option. Basement waterproofing materials are of several types:


Coating materials containing bitumen or polymers with specialized fillers or modifiers; Bituminous mastics are common due to their low price, but, despite this, they do their job well.

The mastic looks like a homogeneous, astringent mass that is added with antiseptics, fillers, and herbicides. When applying the coating composition, a dense waterproofing membrane is formed. This coating can be easily repaired if necessary.

Glued Waterproofing

Glued waterproofing is a monolithic sheet, consisting of layers of roll-on waterproofing; The glued waterproofing is used not only on horizontal surfaces but also perfectly performs its functions on vertical ones.

Basement waterproofing material is chosen depending on the purpose. Rolled waterproofing is on different bases, types of coatings, more resistant to mechanical damage, chemical liquids do not harm, and others.


The main advantage of waterproofing is to be applied to any surface, even an uneven one.

Important to remember! Basement waterproofing should be carried out in a comprehensive manner in order to achieve a high coefficient of protection against moisture.

Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

Why Hire Us As a Professional Basement Waterproofing Company In Redmond WA?

We started our workon the market of theWashington region. Over the course of time, we have mastered a range of services for waterproofing residential and industrial buildings and structures, We have completed a large number of projects, providing waterproofing services and protection against leaks and flooding.

Our team is a team of young people actively working in the specialized field of waterproofing. We will help you solve the most complex problems of waterproofing and protecting residential buildings and structures.

Experienced Workers

Our specialists have successful experience in solving many problems associated with leaks and are fluent in advanced technologies for eliminating and preventing them.

Difficult Cases

We eliminate difficult cases of flooding when there is water in the room or a strong leak. The work is carried out without excavating soil and disturbing the landscaping.


The optimal price for waterproofing the basement from the inside is another advantage of ours. By contacting our specialists, you not only save your time but also resources. This will be a profitable investment in protecting the building from unwanted consequences.

The cost of waterproofing the basement will justify the money spent. We carry out work of any complexity. Make an application on the website or contact the operators at the specified phone number. We will advise you on all your questions and advise you on the exact price of basement waterproofing.

High-Quality Waterproofing Works

We carry out high-quality waterproofing works for private houses and commercial buildings. The high-quality production of works related to the waterproofing of basements, foundations, floors, roofs, walls, roofs and balconies, will protect the structure from moisture and water penetration, which will allow the structure to maintain its quality characteristics for the longest possible period.

Guaranteed Work

The guarantee for the waterproofing work carried out is a very important component. For each batch of two-component coating waterproofing, we provide quality certificates and a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 50 years.

Thanks to the use of innovative materials and technologies, as well as the skill of our experienced specialists with more than 5 years of experience, we boldly give a 5-year warranty for work.

Impeccable Service

Thanks to the automated system “Office-warehouse”, the process of customer service, including ordering, payment, checkout, and shipment of products will not take you more than 20 minutes. We are ready to provide each client with 100% quality service in the shortest possible time.

Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

Use Good Material

Thanks to dealer agreements with leading factories in Russia and Europe for the production of waterproofing, we offer you real prices for materials for penetrating waterproofing without intermediary margins and overpayments. Here you can buy certified products 12-15% cheaper than the market average.

Advanced Technology

The basis of our technologies are waterproofing mixtures and materials that allow complex waterproofing of basements and underground premises without digging out – all work is carried out from the inside with the negative impact of water.

The main criterion in the implementation of work by our specialists is an individual approach to any problem. Depending on the structural features of the building, the leaking basement itself, and the nature of the leaks, our professionals will select the optimal type of work that will ensure the normal operation of the structure, and significantly increase its reliability and durability.

Trained From The Pros

Seven teams of workers undergo annual training in specialized centers of leading manufacturing companies. Our masters are ready to perform works on waterproofing at the highest level!


10 years of successful work in the field of waterproofing sales have allowed us to establish long-term cooperation with the best manufacturing plants. We offer an uninterrupted supply of waterproofing materials at competitive dealer prices.

Complete Work Without Hassle

Experienced specialists will develop for you technically competent waterproofing solutions and select the optimal materials individually for your facility. You will get rid of the agony of choice and tedious queues at construction sites and in supermarkets by purchasing everything from one source.

Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

How Do We work In Redmond WA?

Basement waterproofing provides full protection of structures and internal space only in the case of strict adherence to the technology of waterproofing the basement from the inside, choosing the right design solutions, selecting high-quality insulating materials, and, of course, high-quality installation work.

Errors in the waterproofing device are unacceptable due to the complexity of the correction. In some cases, the laboriousness of restoring waterproofing functions is comparable to a complete reconstruction of the floor and walls in the basement. See below how do we work to waterproof the basement.

External Waterproofing

Depending on the nature of the moisture intake, the waterproofing of the cellar is also selected. In the first case, you need to make an external waterproofing, it is designed to resist a significant flow of water. Insulation of the basement in which the cellar is located must be carried out outside. If the cellar is a separate building, then its walls below the ground level are covered with waterproofing materials.

Such insulation is carried out in a complex manner, that is, first, the walls are covered with a special mastic, under which a special primer is applied. Then a new material is taken – a profiled membrane. Its parts are very easy to assemble and fasten together. Insulation can be laid on top of the membrane.

Underground Drainage Carried Out

Underground drainage is carried out along the perimeter of the building using corrugated pipes. This will lower the water table even in case of heavy rains and melting snow. To drain properly, you need to apply geotextiles that fit on the bottom of the prepared ditch.

The edges are released onto the “banks” of the pit. Gravel or small river pebbles are poured inside, and a drainage pipe is placed on this layer. Further, it is sprinkled with pebbles or gravel, after which it is wrapped in geotextiles, the edges of which are overlapped. After that, everything is covered with soil.

Pressure-free Waterproofing

This type of cellar insulation is much easier. Instructions on how to make a cellar with your own hands in terms of waterproofing come down to treating the surface of the walls with polymer bitumen mastic. This is enough to resist sediment and meltwater penetrating the soil.

Anti-Capillary Waterproofing

Such waterproofing of the cellar is performed in addition to the pressure insulation if it is noticed that water seeps through the surface of the floor and walls. It is especially important for the floor. Therefore, it is so important to think over the arrangement of waterproofing in advance.

To do this, it is necessary to treat surfaces subject to capillary suction of moisture with penetrating waterproofing. This type of waterproofing, penetrating into the concrete structure, seals the pores and heals microcracks up to 0.4 mm, which in turn protects the concrete from water saturation.

Services We Offer

In order to competently carry out turnkey waterproofing of the basement, our employees visit the site. This is done to inspect the structure and assess the condition. After determining the nature of the leak, the required mixture is selected. The price of waterproofing the basement depends on the type of services provided. The price includes materials, warranty, and further maintenance.


Drainage is of great importance in waterproofing the foundation. We provide the best drainage service in Redmond WA. Drainage allows you to significantly drain the space around the foundation at a distance of up to 20 meters, thereby weakening the effect of water on the foundation. For an excellent result, foundation waterproofing and drainage must be carried out at the same time.

Basement Waterproofing

In buildings with a basement, the foundation and basement must be waterproofed at the same time. For many, the basement is associated with a dark and damp room that is not pleasant to stay in. But a wet basement causes great harm to the entire building, destroying it with fumes from the inside.  We provide the best basement waterproofing service in Redmond WA.

Basement waterproofing can be done both outside and inside. Internal waterproofing is often used in buildings that have already been built. In order to obtain the maximum waterproofing of the foundation of the house, many factors must be taken into account, therefore it is better to entrust such calculations to specialists.

Waterproofing Expansion Joints

When constructing foundations, special expansion joints are left in them, which help to avoid destruction under uneven loads, thermal expansions, and ground movements. The waterproofing of expansion joints is of great importance in the construction of foundations.

Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA

Foundation Repair

Our engineers are experts with the foundation, its repair, and its installation. When you hire Accurate Foundation Repair, you can choose from many services to improve the quality of your foundation.

When your business building is not stable, it is time to improve your foundation. Accurate Foundation Repair repairs foundations for all types of businesses or complexes. If you need brick mortar repair, we can do it too.

The professionals at Accurate Foundation Repair want you to have a safe home. If your foundation is not stable, we can help. All of our services are available to owners.

We offer you some types of barriers and walls to protect your property. If you need to contain moisture or dirt, we have barriers to contain them. Also, your experts can build a retaining wall. Rest assured that your property is protected with an Accurate Foundation Repair barrier.

French Drain Service

We offer the best French drain service in Redmond WA. One of the most common humidity problems in a house can be caused by the poor drainage of the water that accumulates in the gutter outlets and downspouts, as it weakens the foundation of the building.

French Drain is a drain that does not go to the drain but rather conducts the water under the soil of the garden. Our expert team is experienced and also well-reviewed in this work.


A strip foundation, like other types of foundations, needs high-quality waterproofing. It’s all about the porous structure of concrete: it can absorb moisture, so it needs to be insulated. The best option for reliable protection of the building from moisture is penetrating waterproofing. Its components clog the capillaries of the concrete, make it moisture-proof and increase the strength of the structure.


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Basement Waterproofing Redmond WA


How To Do Basement External Waterproofing?

External waterproofing is performed as follows:

After the completion of earthworks and the construction of the walls of the basement of the garage, their outer surface is cleaned of soil and other contaminants.

Basement walls are treated with a bituminous primer, which penetrates into the thickness of the material and ensures maximum adhesion to the main waterproofing material.

After the primer has polymerized, the actual waterproofing is performed. The walls are either coated with bituminous mastic or pasted over with a roll material based on bitumen (roofing material or its analogs is used). Recently, polymer membranes have also been used, which are glued to the walls using hot bitumen.

Complements the protection of the basement from moisture blind area, which is laid around the perimeter of the garage. It is a strip up to a meter wide made of asphalt, concrete, paving slabs, or other materials that are impervious to moisture. The blind area is laid on a layer of gravel-sand bedding and, like the drainage system, removes the water flowing from the roof away from the foundation and basement.

What Are The Internal Waterproofing Types?

For internal waterproofing of a basement, as a rule, several types are used:

• Anti-pressure – basement waterproofing from the inside, which is performed with the strong pressure of groundwater;

• Free-flow – with heavy precipitation, it is able to withstand a flood;

• Anti-capillary – protects the basement from dampness and moisture;

• Horizontal – basement waterproofing from groundwater, laid on the floor of the room;

• Vertical – waterproofing the basement from the inside from groundwater, protects the walls if the level rises above the foundation.

What tasks does basement waterproofing solve?

Waterproofing is a set of measures that help prevent moisture from the surrounding soil from penetrating into the interior space (as well as into the thickness of the walls, if possible). This allows:

  1. Avoid flooding the basement, including groundwater.
  2. Reduce the level of humidity in the air.
  3. Reduce the likelihood and extent of condensation forming on walls, pipes, and anything stored in the basement.
  4. Along with waterproofing, these problems are solved by ventilation, which ensures the removal of moist air from the basement.
  5. Reduce the likelihood of damage to capital structures (walls, ceilings, partitions) by bacteria and fungi that develop in a humid environment.
  6. Effective waterproofing is a prerequisite for using the basement as a storage room. Without protection from moisture, conditions in it will not be much better than in a simple damp cellar.

How long can an old concrete structure treated with a Penetron be painted?

The application of decorative coatings on a concrete surface treated with a solution of Penetron material should be done 28 days after treatment.

What are the most common mistakes when waterproofing buildings?

As practice shows, frequent mistakes in waterproofing buildings are the illiterate use of materials or their wrong choice, violation of the application technology. The price plays an important role for the client and because of that, he tries to perform waterproofing at the lowest cost, which is not always true! During initial construction, typical mistakes are:

  • the absence of modern waterproofing materials in the project, which reduce the operating costs of maintaining facilities and often reduce the cost of construction;
  • lack of a clear understanding of the capabilities of modern waterproofing materials.
  • Already when performing waterproofing at the facility, the client may face the problem of inaccuracy in implementation. When performing waterproofing at the facility, the technology for performing work is often not adhered to due to ignorance or psychological rejection of new materials and construction technologies and low discipline of the contractor. Consult with experts, as the experience of solving a problem at one site may not always be suitable for another. Consultations of company specialists and their visits to the site are usually free of charge.

How is your waterproofing better than others?

The main advantage of the Penetron material system is that this waterproofing allows you to work from the inside of the room, without carrying out work on excavating the foundation and installing waterproofing outside the room.

Almost all materials of other types are surface-active, and Penetron waterproofing penetrates 50 cm deep into the concrete. Similar materials are easily damaged by mechanical stress – the surface treated with Penetron does not require protection from mechanical stress.