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French Drain: Crawl Space & Basement  Water Removal and Drainage

Owning a crawl space or Basement is a big responsibility. It protects your residential property from a harsh environment, including undesirable moisture and water.

Homeowners should look for the potential presence of water, mold, and high moisture during humid summer. The struggle is more evident for areas where the cold season often arrives. When left unchecked, your home foundation and wallet are both at risk.


Benefits of Installing French Drains

For those still not too familiar with French drain yet planning to install one in their crawl space, it is a punched channel that allows water to stream through – primarily installed to prevent downpours from extreme basement flooding and moisture as well as generating repressed hydrostatic pressure. Other proposed benefits of having a quality French drain include:

  • Deviating the water from your foundation or property, plus the liberty to select where you want the water to go. Either to a septic tank or pumping station. The French drain constantly ensures your basement is dry irrespective of weather condition.
  • It is generally designed to be resistant to clog, non-invasive, and work along with any form of crawl space.
  • Unlike other options, French drains are easy to maintain. There are no moving components, so it is less likely to stop operating and collapse. This means you can keep your savings from costly repairs or maintenance in the future.
  • Installing the drain is considered a simple process. Providing, of course, you have the right materials and know-how about the process. It might take you anywhere from several days to a week or so. It depends on how complex and huge the drain system is.
  • And compared to other waterproofing techniques, the French drain system is relatively a small investment. However, it will also vary from one company to another. But one thing’s for sure. You won’t expect to shell out large sums.

Particularly if you are dealing with high humidity temperature, drooping floors, and standing groundwater, you will benefit a lot from installing a French drain. This will safeguard your windows, appliance surface, and pipes as well as snuff out the stale odor.

Although, note that a moldy crawl space is not only due to heavy rainfalls. Other sources of water can go into, such as a leaking sewer drain line and kitchen waste line.


Why is Foundation & Basement Waterproofing your most reliable contractors?

Suppose you are looking for a reputable contractor to install French drains to waterproof your crawl space and property. Look no further than Foundation & Basement Waterproofing Restoration. The team has been dedicated to delivering superior full-service solutions in Sammamish, Federal Way, Porch Orchard, Issaquah, Tacoma, and nearby areas to keep your home rot-free and dry all year round.

Those with an existing French drain can also seek professional help to have their system maintained. This is to prevent leaves and debris from accumulating and causing further damage. In case of constant mold, water, or moisture problem, don’t hesitate to call the company to check your crawl space. The experts can quickly spot possible issues before they turn into a major problem.