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Waterproofing of basement is an important issue for property owners on the -1 floor. 90% of the owners of underground premises in the process of operation are faced with the problem of flooding by groundwater. Professional waterproofing service gives a high-quality waterproofing of the building’s basement is a matter of safety for the inhabitants of this building and the durability of the structure. Therefore, the condition of the underground premises of the building is the most important factor of the quality of the structure. So, here let’s know about the best waterproofing service in Renton WA.

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Why Is Basement Waterproofing Important In Renton WA?

Waterproofing of the basement is a very important and costly part of the construction. The customer pays great attention when designing the waterproofing of the building and at the time of waterproofing the basement. The high requirement for the basement (basement) floor is due to the placement of multiple utilities. If you are already concerned about this problem, call our specialists, and we will carry out the work on waterproofing the basement as soon as possible.

Whether it is necessary to waterproof the foundation depends on many factors. The need for this stage is influenced by the specificity of the soil and the level of groundwater on the land plot, the peculiarities of the climate of the construction region, the quality of materials and work, and the type of foundation.

A leaky basement that is not treated in a timely manner can cause untold damage. Most homeowners take steps to ensure their lower level is free from flooding and damage resulting from the moisture. But despite your best efforts, some types of pipe damage can go away undetected. Then one day the crack in the pipe opens without warning, wreaking unspeakable havoc on your level below. Sometimes repairs to a broken pipe are not done on time to avoid the need to repair and/or replace various items. With Waterproofing of the basement, these types of problems can be prevented before they occur.

The importance of waterproofing your basement are:

Protects The Foundation

The foundation has to support the weight of the entire house and remains under extreme stress. Water is a great enemy of the structural materials used in the construction of a house and can precipitate the disintegration process of the foundation. The structure of the house can become unstable. The concrete used in the construction of foundations is not completely waterproof. Seasonal differences in ambient temperature also lead to fine cracks in concrete. The foundation structure becomes porous and if waterproofing is not done, it will start to soak up moisture. This leads to the weakening of the foundation.

Protection Of Other Items

The basement that is not waterproof soaks up in moisture. This results in a basement that remains wet. This moisture can damage other structural materials such as wood and iron. It is difficult for a wet wall to hold wall paint. The money spent on painting the wall is wasted because the paint starts to peel early. If clothing, important papers, electronics, and other similar items are stored in the basement, the excessive moisture content in the environment can damage these items. An effective Waterproofing of the basement ensures that the basement remains dry and clean. Items stored there are undamaged and last longer.

Foundation Basement Renton WA

Gives Healthy Environment

The basement is already at a level where clean, moisture-free air is very important, especially if someone uses the basement for work or living. The humid environment helps in the growth of mold and mildew. Fine mold spores are invisible and can aggravate many types of health problems. Children and the elderly are at great risk. These types of risks can be avoided with effective waterproofing of the basement.

Thermal And Acoustic Insulation

In any case, a waterproofed home is capable of protecting the home from water, but also from cold or heat outside. In winter the house will be warmer and colder in summer. This will cause the energy bill to drop considerably. With the important economic savings that this entails.

Reduce The Possibility Of Expensive Repairs

It is much more profitable to provide the house with correct waterproofing than to have to face, later, the expenses for repairs. It is much cheaper to invest in housing for prevention purposes than to keep it standing by putting patch after patch. Rain and other meteorological phenomena end up affecting houses. If the problems are not addressed in time the final solution will become more expensive.

While Waterproofing of the basement offers several benefits to homeowners, it’s also important to hire a professional waterproofing basement contractor to take full advantage of this advantage. The contractor must be certified and licensed. The professional must also carry specific insurance for this trade. This protects if something in the house is damaged during the waterproofing process, insurance will cover the damage.

Do Professional Basement Waterproofing Is Worthy In Renton WA?

Separately, it is worth noting the systematic approach of the Foundation Basement Company to the arrangement of waterproofing. In addition to specific products, the company offers simple and reliable solutions for effective water protection and drainage of underground and buried structures.

When choosing materials for waterproofing basements, first of all, you need to pay attention to the possibility of creating a closed-loop. It is recommended that the work be performed with products of the same type in order to avoid problems of their pairing in complex structural units.

The basement is the foundation of your home. In other words, if your basement is not protected, your entire home is in danger. Therefore, it is important that the basement of your house is protected from moisture. See here why a professional Waterproofing of the basement is worthy.

Foundation Basement Renton WA

Flood Damage Protection

One of the main causes of basement damage is flash floods. Floods cause billions of dollars in damage every year, according to reports. In fact, this is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena. If you take steps to make your basement waterproof, you can protect your property from water damage.

Protection Against Mold and Mildew

Even if you live in an area where there is no risk of flooding, you can still face problems such as mold and mildew, especially during the rainy season. The growth of mold and mildew can trigger the development of various diseases such as asthma, allergies, skin irritation, and coughing.

Saves Structure From Damage

Protection of the room from conditions of high humidity and condensation will avoid the destruction of the structure and uneven subsidence of the structure. The reinforcement, which is located inside the concrete base, is subject to destruction as a result of exposure to an aggressive environment and high humidity.

This can lead to the cracking of the concrete and the appearance of cracks in the walls of the residential building. Highly effective waterproofing protection will allow the subsequent use of the basement for technical and commercial purposes.

Preventing Cracking

Moisture can cause another problem that can affect the condition of your basement and, as a result, the entire house as a whole. Due to temperature changes, cracks can appear on the foundation, which can pose a serious threat. Therefore, waterproofing is the best method to protect against moisture and cracks.

Reducing Utility Bills

This is especially true for the winter periods. In winter, heat that might be trapped inside your home will escape through cracks in the foundation, making it more costly to keep your home warm. Waterproofing protects the foundation from cracking, significantly reducing utility bills.

Increase Home Value

Waterproofing of the basement is a significant factor in increasing the price of the entire property. In addition, waterproofing reduces the cost of home repairs by protecting it from moisture and cracks. We hope that the reasons given in the article will help you make the right choice and protect your home by making waterproofing.

Foundation Basement Renton WA

Why Hire Us For A Professional Basement Waterproofing Company In Renton Washington?

Over the past years, the Foundation Basement Company has not only developed the main direction of its core business – the production of roll waterproofing and roofing materials but also actively mastered new technologies that allow it to produce a variety of construction products: lining carpets for pitched roofs, bituminous tiles, gutters, polymer membranes, skylights, and smoke hatches, soundproof materials, composite tiles, etc.

Highly Qualified Staff

The staff of our company is staffed with highly qualified specialists, which allows us to carry out work in any volume and in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we attach great importance to the technical equipment of our enterprise.

Specialized Equipment

The Foundation Basement Companyowns a sufficient number of specialized equipment and machinery designed for excavation, waterproofing, thermal insulation, and drainage. At the same time, our technical capabilities and a reserve of specialists are enough to organize work at several sites at the same time.

Competent Engineering

We are able to develop and introduce into practice the most non-standard technical solutions;

An Integrated Approach To The Problem

The leading specialists of the company are ready to solve the task with complex methods that complement each other. This approach allows you to create effective and reliable drainage, waterproofing and drainage systems without the need to increase the budget for this work;

Use Modern Materials And Technologies

We have the opportunity to use the highest quality and most modern materials and technologies to solve the problem posed by the customer, technologies that will ensure a long service life of various drainage, waterproofing, and drainage systems;

Favorable Terms Of Cooperation

We approach each project individually, discussing with the client all the nuances of mutually beneficial cooperation. And the use of materials from direct suppliers and our own technical resources allow us to reduce direct costs for engineering and construction work;

Affordable Cost Of Service

The cost of our services is formed quite understandably, taking into account not only the interests of the company but also the capabilities of the customer.

Experienced Staffs

We have already implemented different projects that we can be proud of. In a short time, the company’s specialists are ready to complete the task in the most difficult working conditions.

Run Large Projects

Large volumes of production, our own technical base, and a staff of qualified workers allow us to offer our clients favorable terms of cooperation with prices for services that compare favorably with the cost of work from most competitors.

How Do We Work In Renton WA?

The ideal is to carry out the waterproofing work during construction. Architects must take into account the most important risk factors, protecting the interior with special zeal. This will guarantee that there are no humidity problems due to filtration.

If it is not waterproofed during construction, it is advisable to carry out the work when the first symptoms of damage are observed. These usually come in the form of permanent stains on the wall or ceiling. In the event that there is no waterproofing in the home, the health of the tenants of the house and of the property itself is at stake. Waterproofing the home or communal building and turning to professionals who can guarantee the best conditions for your home. So, see below how do we waterproof the basement.

Foundation Basement Renton WA


Call us or leave a request on the website. We will answer all your questions in detail and guide you on the approximate cost of equipping your garage.

Check Out and Froze

We will come to you and make an accurate measurement, taking into account all engineering systems and features of the garage. The departure of the basement expert is completely free when concluding a contract for design engineering.

Design Project

We will prepare and show you a 3D model of your garage with the Foundation Basement Companystorage system already installed in it. We will take into account all your wishes and needs for arrangement and storage accessories.


Foundation Basement Company has over 100 unique garage accessories. The elements of the system are not screwed to the walls but installed in special grooves, which gives you the opportunity to move them freely.


Foundation Basement Company is proud of the high level of service that we provide to our clients. You can be sure that we will complete the arrangement of your garage in full accordance with the design project.

Delivery Of The Object

Now you can fully experience the comfort and convenience of your garage after its transformation by Foundation Basement Company specialists.

See below how we waterproof the basement…

Preparation Of The Base

Clean the fresh concrete slab by sanding and scrubbing until the surface is free of dirt and debris that could affect the adhesion of subsequent materials.

Installation Of Horizontal Waterproofing Under The Walls

In the place where the walls will be built, a 2-component elastic waterproofing mixture is applied in two layers. Apply waterproofing 10 cm wide on each side of the wall; carefully waterproof around the reinforcement to avoid capillary humidity build-up.

Building Basement Walls From Concrete Blocks

For the construction of the outer walls of the basement, a masonry mortar of increased strength and water tightness is used; it is additionally recommended to use it to seal up the voids between concrete blocks in the lower part of the wall and to the level of possible water ingress. If the building is located in a region that is periodically flooded or has a high water table, reinforced concrete walls should be constructed of waterproof concrete.

Horizontal Waterproofing And Finishing

Before continuing to apply the finishing layer indoors, apply the elastic polymer-cement waterproofing mixture crosswise in two layers on the horizontal surface of the concrete slab. Before this, a primer coat is applied, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. The final layer of ceramic tiles must be glued with one of the adhesives, we recommend, for example, glue. Use a foam profile and elastic silicone sealant.

Foundation Basement Renton WA

Services We Offer In Renton WA

Our company specializes in protecting concrete, basements, foundations, parking lots, vegetable stores, cellars, reservoirs, wells, septic tanks from the effects of negative natural factors.

For many years Foundation Basement Company has been performing waterproofing works and strengthening of foundations throughout Washington. Our portfolio has accumulated a lot of photo reports on waterproofing work, soil reinforcement, and foundation strengthening at various sites.

In our work, we use only the best materials that have been tested on personal experience, and we have honed reliable technologies with partners from all over Washington.

Each new facility for Foundation Basement Company is unique, be it a large city stadium or a small private house. We are proud that more than once we have successfully performed the most difficult waterproofing works at sites where other large construction companies refused to work. We offered case strengthening services to those who no longer hoped for a successful outcome of the case.

We value our reputation, therefore we always offer our clients only the most reliable and really necessary types of waterproofing services, works to strengthen soils and foundations. The services we offer are below…

Basement Waterproofing And Drainage

The construction company Foundation Basement provides services for waterproofing basements at a favourable cost. The customer is guaranteed high quality of work.

Often, residential buildings have exploited basements with different functional purposes. Waterproofing of the basement from the inside will provide comfortable conditions for further use of the premises. Taking advantage of our basement waterproofing services, including the arrangement of a waterproofing layer, you completely eliminate moisture and increase the life of the entire facility.

A traditional and affordable way of waterproofing a basement from the inside is to install a waterproof layer around the perimeter of the walls made of special materials.

We will carry out all the necessary work at a competitive cost. The company’s experts will determine the type of materials required to reliably protect the surfaces of a particular room. You can call and find out how much basement waterproofing costs right now, we offer attractive prices.

Sump Pump Services

The Foundation Basement Company offers services for the installation of drainage pumps, we guarantee low prices and high quality, you can also order the design of engineering systems, repair, and maintenance from us. Drainage pumps are designed to pump out liquids with mechanical impurities and other types of contaminants.

The pump has a simple device and, if you have the necessary experience and skills, you can do the installation of the drainage pump yourself. If not, then it is better to immediately seek qualified assistance, so you will save time and money that you may need to fix installation errors.

Foundation Basement Renton WA

French Drain Service

A French drain or drain tile is constructed by filling a trench with gravel, and a perforated pipe is used at the bottom to drain the groundwater. The geotextile fabric wraps the pipe and gravel, acting as a sieve where fine sediment will not pass into the area where the gravel is located. Properly designed French drainage reduces the pressure placed on retaining walls and underlying walls, which over time can cause moisture inside basements and bypassed areas.

When French drainage is used to protect living space, the back of the bottom should be placed at least 2 inches below the level of the floor finish.

The Foundation Basement Company offers services of French Drains. Inserting a drainage cloth around the aggregate can prevent soil contamination and clog of drains. These geotextile filter fabrics prevent soil particles from entering the drainage system, extending service life and increasing productivity.

Foundation Repair

The demanded and technically complex service of the Foundation Basement company is the repair of the foundations of a residential building or a technical structure. We carry out a full range of qualified repair operations with strict adherence to technical regulations and building standards with the provision of a long-term guarantee.

The beginning of the repair work is necessarily preceded by a professional analysis of the situation. It includes an expert assessment of the characteristics of the soil, the condition of the foundation, and the walls of the basement floor if any. In this case, not only visual control of the structure is used, but also special equipment and techniques that provide an opportunity to identify defects in areas located underground.


When choosing a waterproofing company means arranging moisture resistance, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of the entire waterproofing layer, taking into account the laboriousness of the work, but also simplicity in combination with the reliability of the entire system.

Roll protection for the basement differs not only in quality, density, tensile strength, and multi-layer, but also in the speed of preparation of the waterproofing layer for work, the presence of additional elements for reliable connection of joints, and, of course, the presence of proven technology for its installation


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Q: What is waterproofing?

A: Waterproofing – protection of building structures, buildings, and structures from the penetration of water (anti-filtration waterproofing) or the material of structures from the harmful effects of washing or filtering water or other aggressive liquid (anti-corrosion waterproofing). Waterproofing works are called waterproofing works. Waterproofing ensures the normal operation of buildings, structures, and equipment, increases their reliability and durability.

Q: What is a Penetron?

A: Penetron is the general name for a system of materials for waterproofing precast and monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The complex of materials includes: “Penetron”, “Penekrit”, “Peneplag”, “Waterplag”, “Penetron Admix”.

The materials are dry mixes based on special cement, quartz sand of certain grain size, and active chemical additives. Each material is highly specialized; it is necessary to apply the materials in a comprehensive manner.

Q: What is the result after using the Penetron?

A: After treatment with the materials of the Penetron system, concrete becomes non-hygroscopic, since the components penetrate into the depth of the concrete structure up to 50 cm and are filled with insoluble crystals, which makes them a part of the concrete structure.

After processing, the concrete is able to withstand water pressure of 20 atmospheres (a water column of 200 meters), which increases frost resistance and strength. If you use Penetron materials, you will receive waterproofing that does not require maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Q: What guarantees do you give for the material itself and for the work?

A: The Penetron waterproofing materials plant guarantees the compliance of Penetron system materials as well as all modern standards. The Penetron Waterproofing Materials Factory ensures that the Penetron system materials contain all components in their respective proportions.

The use of materials of the Penetron system must be carried out in strict accordance with the Technological Regulations for the use of waterproofing materials of the penetrating action of the Penetron system. ” The guaranteed shelf life of the material is at least 18 months.

We will provide guarantees for the performance of work by our company for 1 year. The warranty applies to the quality of the materials provided, but not to its use Out of our control!

Q: Is Penetron effective for brick walls?

A: If your construction is made of bricks, then we offer you 2 options for solving the problem!

1. Surface of structures made of brick or stone. it is necessary to plaster and treat with a solution of “Penetron” material. When plastering a surface, the following conditions must be met:

 2. Another option We can offer you: Instead of plaster, a Non-shrinking fast-hardening dry concrete mix of thixotropic type, containing polymer fiber. Consumption will be more economical – only 4 cm.